Best Recipe : Citrus Margaritas

Best Recipe – I dear using inward-season brand to brand a nifty cocktail. National Margarita Day is Feb 22, as well as and so I idea I would celebrate by making close to delicious Citrus Margaritas amongst Cayenne Pepper Salt.

Now I am a full wimp when it comes to a spicy cocktail. I prefer my drinks tart together alongside a petty sweetness. However I make similar a piddling kicking added into the salted rim on a margarita. That’second why I came upwards amongst this citrus margarita recipe. The salted rim is what makes this stand out. Wait until yous lot taste the combination of tangy citrus mixed alongside the spicy sweet of the salted rim. It’moment like a lemonhead difficult candy meets a hot tamale! Yum!

Best Recipe : Citrus Margaritas
Citrus Margaritas with Cayenne Pepper Salt

When testing this recipe, I tried it amid both fresh squeezed grapefruit juice together alongside orange juice. Best Recipe And my married human being inward improver to I agreed that the grapefruit version was our favorite. It was less sugariness in addition toBest Recipe more than than tart than the orange version. But both were however delicious! I tell use what you lot accept on hand or what is in flavor at the shop.

Citrus Margaritas with Cayenne Pepper Salt

Best Recipe

2 oz. Tequila

ii oz. freshly squeezed citrus juice (I used grapefruit)

ane oz. lime juice

one oz. elementary syrup or agave nectar

Splash of Cointreau

Rim: Coarse Salt, Cayenne Pepper too Sugar

Mix all ingredients together inwards shaker over ice. Dip rim of drinking glass inwards mutual salt/saccharide mixture inwards add-on to Pour drinkable over water ice.

Citrus Margaritas with Cayenne Pepper Salt

Best Recipe Virgin Citrus Margarita

I e’er return a non-alcoholic version of my potable recipes. To brand this a virgin citrus margarita swap out the tequila for a lemon-lime sparkling water too skip the splash of cointreau. Best Recipe You volition nevertheless go the amazing combination of tart citrus mixed amongst the salty spicy rim.

Citrus Margaritas with Cayenne Pepper Salt
Citrus Margaritas with Cayenne Pepper Salt
Citrus Margaritas with Cayenne Pepper Salt

Now don’t forget to brand Best Recipe a batch of these for National Margarita Day this week. You won’t be disappointed!

Here are nearly of my favorite cocktail recipes. Let me know if yous lot endeavor whatever together with what y’all lot think!

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