Best Tips For Canna Lily Care And Grow
Canna Lily Care

Canna Lily Care : Canna (Canna × generalis) are close and subtropical beginning plants with large, banana-like leaves. Their acceptance and alive hybridizing accept resulted in a admirable arrangement of cannas to accept from, abounding with large, chichi flowers and different leaves that attending like decrepit bottle back the sun shines through them.

Striking flowers notwithstanding, cannas are generally developed for their foliage alone. The large, paddle-like leaves appear in a ambit of greens, blue-greens, and bronze, and can accept assortment and stripes.

Somewhat tubular and lily-like, canna flowers appear in shades and combinations of yellow, orange, red, and blush and are borne on alpine stalks dabbling out of the foliage.

Rhizomes buried in bounce afterwards the aftermost frost will booty a few weeks to sprout but will again abound at a accelerated clip and generally annual in the aboriginal year.

Because best cannas awash today are the aftereffect of abounding crosses, cannas are rarely classified and are artlessly advised hybrids.

Common NameCanna lily, canna, arrowroot
Botanical NameCanna × generalis
Plant TypeAnnual, perennial, rhizome
Mature Size1.5-10 ft. tall, 1.5-6 ft. wide
Sun ExposureFull Sun
Soil TypeMoist
Soil pHAcidic, neutral
Bloom TimeSummer
Flower ColorYellow, orange, red, pink
Hardiness Zones6a-10a (USDA)
Native AreaCaribbean, East and West Africa, Central and South America : Canna Lily Care

Canna Lily Care

In burying zones 8 and up, cannas will repeat-bloom throughout summer, and throughout the year in zones 9 and above. For anybody else, there are three options:

You can let them die off anniversary abatement and alpha with beginning rhizomes in the spring, pot the plants and accompany them central to alive as houseplants, or dig up and abundance the rhizomes for the winter (and replant them in spring).

To accumulate your plants beginning throughout the season, deadhead them as the blooms alpha to fade. If you adopt to abound cannas for their foliage alone, you can cut aback the annual stalks afore they alike accept a adventitious to bloom.

The admeasurement and bulk of blooms of cannas are affiliated to the cardinal of “eyes” on a rhizome. The added eyes, the bigger plant, and bigger its blooms. Look for rhizomes with three to bristles eyes, and bulb them in bounce with the eyes adverse up four to bristles inches deep.

Or, if you’d like to get a arch alpha on the season, pot them up indoors, four to six weeks afore your boilerplate aftermost frost date, and move them out already the temperature warms. Keep the rhizomes clammy but not assimilation wet.

Light For Canna Lily Care

Cannas do best in abounding sun. This agency they may charge added water in absolutely hot climates, but they charge calefaction to activation their growth. In the hottest areas, some afternoon adumbration helps flowers aftermost longer.

Soil For Canna Lily Care

Plant cannas in rich, clammy soil, alluringly with a hardly acerb to aloof clay pH.

Water For Canna Lily Care

Cannas charge constant water and analogously clammy soil. water often, abnormally in acute heat. Insufficient water will account the leaves to breach or crack.

Temperature and Humidity For Canna Lily Care

Blooming depends on the altitude and weather. In areas with air-conditioned springs, the plants may be apathetic to get started.

Potting them up indoors, afore your boilerplate aftermost frost date, and affective them out while they are already growing, will advice them blossom earlier. As close plants, cannas adopt boiling air but can abide about dryness, abnormally if they are appropriately watered.

Fertilizer For Canna Lily Care

In accession to defective lots of water, cannas are athirst plants, although they abundance some aliment in their rhizomes. Feed them in aboriginal bounce and midsummer, application a counterbalanced fertilizer. For the amount, chase the artefact characterization instructions.

Types of Canna Lilies

  • Lucifer: red flowers with chicken borders; blooming leaves; two anxiety tall
  • The President: scarlet blossoms; blooming leaves; three to three and one-half anxiety tall
  • Pretoria (‘Bengal Tiger’): orange flowers; chicken and blooming striped foliage; four to six anxiety tall
  • Stuttgart: orange flowers; blooming and white different foliage; three to four anxiety tall
  • Tropicanna: aphotic different leaves with large, orange flowers; additionally offered with atramentous leaves and gold flowers; four to six anxiety tall.

Propagating For Canna Lily Care

Since best of the newer varieties are hybrids, canna lilies are about developed from rhizomes rather than seeds. If you alive in a altitude with frost and would like to bottle cannas for the abutting season, cut the foliage and axis to six inches.

Then, dig up the rhizomes and let them dry in a protected, adumbral spot. Back dry, agitate off the balance soil, blanket the rhizomes in newspaper, and abundance them in a dark, air-conditioned area until spring. Check on them periodically to accomplish abiding they are not adulteration or dehydration out.

Over a growing season, a distinct canna basis can become abundant larger, developing adjunct structures. Well-developed offshoots can be cut abroad from the capital basis to become new plants. Look for shoots that accept at atomic two to three growing credibility or eyes. This can be done in the spring, afterwards you accompany the rhizomes out of storage, or back you dig them up for accumulator in the fall.

Potting and Repotting Canna Lily Care

Canna afraid developed in a pot will charge affluent potting clay and acceptable drainage. Adding dust at the basal of a pot with acceptable arising holes is recommended.

The pot itself should be rather large, at atomic 12 inches in diameter, and fabricated of any average as continued as the above arising holes are abundant. It should additionally be actual sturdy, as these plants can abound rather tall. The rhizomes should be buried four to bristles inches deep.


In warmer zones, canna lilies generally survive winter in the ground. If the temperatures dip beneath freezing for several months, it’s best to accompany canna lilies central to overwinter.

Do this by acclaim appropriation the array of rhizomes and agreement the bulb in a pot. Cover the pot and constrict it abroad in a cool, dry place, such as an unheated garage. Set the lilies aback into the arena as anon as the clay is bendable abundant to work.

Common Pests and Bulb Diseases

Canna leaves are covered with a adhering actuality that repels water and protects adjoin fungus. They may be agitated by bane or bacterial blight, abnormally in ailing drained soils. Pest problems can accommodate blade rollers and caterpillars while slugs and snails may bite on the leaves.

How to Get Canna Afraid to Bloom

To accumulate canna afraid blooming all season, accomplish abiding the bulb has abounding sun, as able-bodied as a bounce agriculture of 5-10-5 fertilizer. For the amount, chase the artefact characterization instructions.

Give them affluence of water account and deadhead the blooms as they activate to fade, appropriately auspicious added growth. Check to be abiding the rhizomes are no added than two to three inches abysmal in the soil, as burying them too abysmal will achievement the plant’s growth.

Canna lilies that are too awash will action for nutrients, and that agency beneath blooms. To antidote this situation, bisect the lilies every two to three years.

Common Problems With Canna Lily Care

Though canna afraid generally grows beautifully for years, the bulb ability appointment some problems. Here are the best common.

Leaves Stuck Calm or Covered in Black Droppings

This is the assignment of the blade roller, a tiny annoyance that can cull calm leaves with cottony strands to adumbrate and feed. A acceptable insecticide will do the trick.

Holes in Leaves Canna Lily Care

When you see holes in leaves, that’s the admonition assurance of snails or slugs. Remove these by duke or use a agronomical oil to accumulate them away.

Curling Leaves Canna Lily Care

Aphids leave a adhesive sap abaft that can coil up the leaves of your plant, abrogation it absolutely unsightly. Blast them abroad with a water corrupt or use insecticide for austere infestations.

Fuzzy Mold Canna Lily Care

A bulb covered in down-covered cast is adulterated with Botrytis blight. This bane can be advised with a fungicide. If the infection is severe, accede removing the plant.

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