Best Tips For Valentine’s Day Decorations

Valentine’s Day Decorations – I’ve decorated my living room alongside simple, sophisticated decor for Valentine’sec Day this twelvemonth. Come run into how I used non-traditional decorations to add together a scrap of whimsy as well equally romance to my abode.

capsule decor

Sophisticated Valentine’sec Day Decor

Over the years I have decorated our mantel for Valentine’sec Day a few unlike ways. And each year, it tends to go a piddling simpler. Decorating amid not-traditional valentines twenty-four hours decor definitely is easier (on my wallet together amongst listen) as well feels a fleck more than my style. 

sophisticated valentine's day decor

Here are the ways I have decorated for Valentine’sec Day in the past:

Valentine’sec Day Decorating Ideas for Your Mantel

Red & Pink Valentine’moment Day Decor For Your Bookshelves

Chic Valentine’second Day Mantel Decor

Valentine’sec Day Bookpage Banner Mantel

Day Decor – Figuring out your personal dwelling manner is a funny matter. When y’all get-go have your ain space (whether it alive an flat or house), it’moment as well as so fun to go-go dabbling too decorating. And it will help you figure out what industrial plant inwards add-on to what doesn’t inward your abode.

Capsule Decor

how to decorate for valentine's day

Over the years, I accept figured out I am a minimalist when it comes to decor. Now, don’t become me incorrect, I tin can tin get all out when the holidays come nigh, simply the decorating together with the cleanup tin can be overwhelming. And not to advert all that decor needs to find a habitation household when non in purpose. And hither in California, infinite is difficult to come up upward past.

Over the by few years, I take started paring downward my decor. Creating a more than than minimalist approach to decorating together amongst creating a capsule decor collection. Capsule decor is actually similar to a capsule wardrobe. A collection of essential decorations that can live used for multiple purposes too for multiple holidays. 

capsule decor for valentine's day

To go-get a capsule decor collection, starting time by scaling back on the sum of decorations you lot own. I effort to go along Day Decor seasonal decorations to just two-iii items for each vacation (excluding Christmas) inward addition to donating items that I don’t appear to function or necessitate anymore.

sophisticated valentine's day decor

When shopping for new items, I effort to brand sure they tin can can be used for multiple purposes, seasons together with holidays. Like these candlestick holders that I just purchased. I dearest the chic, sophisticated cast too that they are made of marble.

how to create a capsule decor collection

Creating a capsule decor collection besides way shopping your own habitation home when decorating for holidays or seasons. And this tin can be and so much fun. Finding novel uses for items y’all lot already ain is a creative challenge.

Simple Valentine’minute Day Mantel Decor

sophisticated valentine's day decor

For Valentine’second Day, I wanted to add together together a bit of romance likewise equally whimsical decor to my living room. I started with the mantel. Day Decor First, I borrowed this Oui Oui print from our Frame TV Gallery Wall and used it equally a centerpiece for the mantel. I don’t know why, but it feels really appropriate for Valentine’second Day as well sophisticated at the same fourth dimension.

sophisticated valentine's decor

Next, I found this Peony Sketch printable on Etsy. Printables are such a keen fashion to decorate for seasons inward add-on to holidays. They are toll effective together amongst don’t take upwards whatsoever storage space. I only printed this out on regular printer newspaper inward addition to popped it into a aureate frame. I relieve all my printable files to a folder on my desktop and then I tin can access them inwards the time to come. This manner, if I require to use the frame for another flick or photo, I tin can tin can recycle the printed fine art too every bit easily impress it out over again side by side time I desire to part it.

valentine's day decorating ideas

To consummate off this sophisticated Valentine’instant Day mantel decor, I added about fresh flowers for colour inwards add-on to to utter to the vacation. I’ll per centum how easy it is to brand this grocery shop flower organisation adjacent calendar week.

sophisticated valentine's day mantel decor

Simple, slowly besides sophisticated decor for Valentine’s Day without using whatsoever cheesy decorations.

Be sure to banking concern bank check out these other decorating ideas for your fireplace or bookshelves: Mantel Decorating Ideas for Every Month of the Year.


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