Discover the Art of Meadow Sage Care: Tips and Tricks for Growing Vibrant and Lush Meadow Sage Plants
Meadow Sage Care

Meadow Sage Care : Perennial salvia (also accepted as “sage”) is a mainstay of the midsummer garden, accouterment ambrosial blooms that are admired by bees and butterflies.

Taking salvia cuttings in the abatement is a acceptable way to accumulate these drought-tolerant beauties activity from year to year! See how to plant, grow, and bear salive!

About Meadow Sage

Part of the excellent ancestors (Lamiaceae), salvias arise as a ablaze fasten of densely-packed flowers with tubular blossoms aloft aboveboard stems and buttery leaves.

The accepted kitchen assemble garden sage Salvia officinalis is absolutely a blazon of salvia; it’s a about of the abounding accessory breed and has a few adorable accessory varieties itself.

Hummingbirds and collywobbles adulation salvias’ tubular flowers and they’re adored by bees, too, so bulb them if you ambition to allure these appealing pollinators!

Fortunately, salvia does not tend to allure deer or rabbits. It is the distinctive, acid odor of their leaves that acts as a abhorrent to garden pests.

Salvia are heat- and drought-tolerant, authoritative them survivors in the summer garden. They abound 18 inches to 5 anxiety tall, depending on the variety. Salvias of all types can be developed in containers, too.

Take affliction aback allotment salvias, because not all plants are able in all regions; some are best advised as annuals, but abiding varieties are additionally available.

Meadow Sage Care : Planting

Meadow Sage Care : Planting

All salvias do best in abounding sun (6-8 hours of sunlight per day) and well-drained soil. Abounding varieties (typically those with light-colored flowers) will additionally do able-bodied in part-shade, but beginning will be reduced.

Meadow Sage Care : When to Plant Salvia

Sow salvia berry outdoors afterwards all crisis of frost has anesthetized in the spring. See bounded frost dates.

Meadow Sage Care : How to Plant Salvia

  • Loosen the clay to a abyss of 12 inches, removing any ample stones or roots. Mix in a 3-inch band of admixture to accommodate nutrients.
  • If burying in a container, add some dust to the admixture to advance arising and augment in spring. Plants developed in a garden clay don’t charge feeding.
  • Dig a aperture alert the bore of the alembic the bulb is in.
  • Remove the bulb from its alembic and abode it in the aperture so the top of the basis brawl is akin with the clay surface.
  • Space plants 1 to 3 anxiety apart, depending on the variety.
  • Carefully ample in about the bulb and close the clay gently.
  • Water thoroughly.
  • Meadow Sage Care : Growing

Meadow Sage Care : How to Growing Salvia

  • Add a 2-inch band of admixture about the bulb to absorb damp and ascendancy weeds.
  • Water plants during the summer if condensate is beneath than 1 inch per week. Salvia does not like boundless summer irrigation.
  • Salvia absolutely doesn’t charge agriculture during the season.
  • To animate connected blooms throughout the season, deadhead spent flowers periodically.
  • At the end of the season, leave flowers on plants to animate reseeding (and to augment the birds).
  • Some advance coarse lower stems with age; feel chargeless to clip this.
  • After the aboriginal killing frost, cut stems aback to an inch or two aloft clay line.
  • Divide abiding salvias every few years. The best time to bisect is in aboriginal bounce afore new advance begins. Aloof lift, bisect into clumps, and replant.
  • Every spring, administer a new anticipate band of compost, and admixture again.

Meadow Sage Care : Propagating Salvia

For the adventuresome gardener, salvia cuttings can be taken in the bounce or aboriginal fall. Some salvias generally self-propagate, so you ability acquisition seedlings you can use in added genitalia of your landscape!

  • Before annual buds accept developed, booty cuttings (remove stems) from abundant (non-flowering) branches that are about 3 inches long. Abolish the lower leaves and trim anniversary acid aloof beneath a node.
  • Insert cuttings into a pot of pre-watered compost. Cover the pot with a ablaze artificial bag—try to abstain the bag affecting the foliage.
  • Place cuttings in a air-conditioned greenhouse and put up concealment to anticipate baking from able sunlight. Afterwards three weeks, cuttings should be accessible to pot on.

Meadow Sage Care : Varieties

There are over 900 breed of salvias and abounding of the breakable abiding breed are accepted as annuals in regions area they are not absolutely winter hardy.

  • The afterward accepted salvias are usually developed as annuals. They may be developed as perennials in warmer regions.
  • Scarlet or Texas Academician (Salvia coccinea) – Scarlet academician has ablaze red flowers on 10-inch spikes. It is able in Zone 9 and higher.
  • Pineapple Academician (S. elegans) – Pineapple academician has ablaze red comestible flowers in backward summer and the leaves accept a pineapple fragrance.
  • Bedding Academician (S. splendens) – The accepted blossom blush is scarlet red but it additionally comes in purple, orange, lavender, chicken and white. Bedding academician has heart-shaped leaves.
  • Azure Academician (S. azurea var. grandiflora) – Azure academician has ambrosial foliage and sky dejected flowers in backward fall.
  • Peruvian Academician (S. discolor) – The leaves of this academician are gray-green on the top and accept white undersides. The flowers are aphotic purple.
  • Autumn Academician (S. greggii) – Is aridity advanced and has ablaze colors. It blooms through the summer and into the fall.
  • Hybrid Academician (S. x superba) – This accumulation is absolute for colder areas. The plants are 12 to 24 inches alpine and blossom in backward bounce to aboriginal summer. If achromatic blooms are cut back, they will re-bloom through fall. ‘Rose Queen’ has blush flowers.

Meadow Sage Care Wit And Wisdom

The name Salvia comes from the Latin chat salvere, which agency “to heal.” Salvia has been acclimated for its herbal and alleviative qualities back age-old times.

Meadow Sage Care : Pets/Diases

Pests and diseases are rarely an affair for salvia growers. Here are accessible issues:

  • Powdery mildew
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites
  • Whiteflies
  • Root rot
  • Botrytis blight


In conclusion, Meadow Sage Care can be a wonderful addition to any garden. By providing this plant with the proper conditions, such as well-draining soil, full sun, and regular pruning, it can thrive and reward you with its beautiful flowers year after year.

With a little effort and attention, you can enjoy the benefits of this low-maintenance and hardy plant. So don’t hesitate to plant some meadow sage in your garden and experience the joy and beauty it can bring!

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