Grocery Store Flower Arrangement DIY

Grocery Store Flower Arrangement DIY: This flower bouquet was a lot of fun to put together. DIY floral organization made from grocery store flowers! I’ll show you how to get flowers from your local supermarket and arrange them into a beautiful bouquet worthy of any boutique florist!

grocery store flower arrangement

Every time I go grocery shopping, I choke on the supermarket flowers because I think they won’t look sophisticated at home. The other 24-hour interval, I stopped inwards improver to thought, why not?! Why should I spend a fortune on boutique florist flowers every fourth dimension if all I want are some pretty flowers to brighten up my home? I decided to gather a few bouquets of flowers from the grocery store and see if I could create my own Pinterest-worthy arrangement!

Why are supermarket flowers so cheap?

Supermarket flowers are cheap because they’re not picked fresh. Instead, they’re grown in a lab and then shipped to the grocery store. This process can take up to two days, which means that the flowers may be wilted or have mold on them. Additionally, supermarkets often use pesticides and other chemicals to prevent pests from infesting their crops.

This is why it’s important to buy organic blooms whenever possible even if you have to pay a little more for them! Not only will you be ingesting healthier flora, but you’ll also be supporting local farmers who are working hard to produce quality products without artificial additives.

This bouquet of beautiful flowers would live perfect on my Mother’sec Day brunch table. What do you intend?!

Grocery Store Flower Arrangement

supermarket flower arrangement

When I go to the supermarket to buy flowers, I usually buy a bunch of one type of blossom, place them in a vase, and call it a bad solar twenty-four hours. Because I’m lazy like that! But this bouquet, made up of such disparate types of flowers, has me second-guessing myself! I couldn’t believe how slow it was to put this arrangement together. I’ll walk you through some pointers that have proven to be extremely useful. And don’t miss the video I made showing you how to put together your own grocery store organization!

Best Supermarket Flowers to buy

flowers in sink

For this flower system I used:

  • lilies
  • long-stemmed roses
  • freesia
  • lilacs
  • ranunculus

When selecting flowers for your grocery store flower system, make sure to consider a variety of textures and sizes. This will help fill out the bouquet. Aside from the beautiful dried flowers they take, the lilacs add together around the peak of the arrangement. Did I mention their incredible olfactory property?

farmhouse sink of flowers

For colors, I chose a color palette that consisted of lilac, fuchsia together with creamy white. The lilies were the jumping off indicate for this grocery store blossom organization. I dearest the striping of color they accept at the eye. There really is no wrong answer when it comes to colors for your flower organisation. Choose colors depending on the look you lot want.

How to lay shop bought flowers inwards a vase

Here are a few tricks for arranging your store bought flowers inwards a vase.

supermarket flower arrangement

To begin, either roll out the floral foam roughly or tape off the pinnacle of your vase. If your vase is clear, you can use nearly regular clear tape to record a grid onto the vase’s pinnacle. Leave squares large enough to tally the stems through. I used a half-dozen pieces of cardboard to make a grid on the apex of my 6′′ vase. This is ideal for holding your stems in an inward-facing position rather than upright.

Next, get-go with the larger flowers outset. You can get a better understanding of the process by watching my video below. However, start the larger flowers inward the vase first to ensure even distribution. Then layer the smaller flowers inward to make a layered bouquet. This volition assistance brand an evenly spaced blossom organization.

Supermarket Flowers Arrangement

Tips for making your grocery store flowers concluding longer

Finally, here are a few tips for making your grocery store blossom organisation final longer.

  • alive certain to trim back down the ends off all flowers at a diagonal
  • for woody stems, strip the final i″ of stalk in addition to cutting the stalk vertically up the middle
  • add ii drops of bleach to the water to assist flowers final longer
  • use a turkey baster every few days to replace amongst fresh water. Take the onetime H2O out using the turkey baster as well pour novel H2O inwards

More Ideas for Arranging store bought flowers

This sweetness Mother’s Day organisation is the perfect gift. This colour combo merely makes me so happy!

I honey this simple but beautiful Mother’second Day floral arrangement from Leslie. And I’m not sure what mom wouldn’t like if she got this!

And if you’re looking for a knockout Mother’s Day floral bouquet, Janine always delivers. This is a stunner too I can’t believe she made this arrangement using grocery store flowers!

So, the next time you’re at the grocery store, remember to pick up a bunch of flowers and make a beautiful flower arrangement like these!

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