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Flower Drawing – Another year of Inktober has come and gone… I’ve always wanted to participate, but there’s something about being a mom and running a business that makes it difficult (especially if you’re like me and skip

I decided to use the hashtag of another artist #flowertober which I thought would be a good opportunity to continue working with what I love (flowers) and help a smaller problem than the big one which is the problem of inktober.

Flower Drawing – As you can imagine, even though I had fun making some extra flowers, I couldn’t do anything! Although mind you, I am writing about my botanical/floral paintings, the month is not over and I know that I probably won’t have any more paintings.

But alas, life happens sometimes and sick children need to be hugged and this woman needs to sleep too.

Flower Drawing

Flower Drawing

I don’t think these floral prints are perfect when they’re finished, but they are! We can enjoy it 😉

Stroke Line Art Coloring Page For Kids Flower Drawing

Flower Drawing – I’ve been in love with space recently – I’ve had a peony girl, but I’ve been wanting to expand and look for flowers, fewer petals and more volume.

Cosmos came to my studio this year and the little things that move have stolen my heart again! So of course I had to include a few of them here, but I tried to keep this as my starting point instead of sticking.

I love walking in this freesia (right). Of course, these are not my favorite flowers to photograph because they have a beautiful texture and I tend to like something fun and forgiving, but I love the beautiful look of this photo.

Finally, I am very happy that one of my Instagram friends requested freesia.

I love the two-tone painting on the left…something about them dancing together makes me so happy. It was also made for a group of boys that I love, so that adds a lot of meaning to me!

Flower Drawing – And the daylily on the right might be my favorite of the entire series. I started to move more and have a better arrangement instead of strictly following the floral design and I am in love with it! Most of my art is inspired.

I love the balance of order and movement, the emphasis on nature and asymmetrical designs. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of these types of pictures from me in the future! I can’t wait to draw one – can you imagine.

How To Draw A Flower

Flower Drawing – It’s hard to say no to a large poppy (left)! For this drawing, I left my original pencil maps exposed before starting the process of the flowers themselves. That’s what I’ve always done to help me feel the paper, its shape and position, and start with confidence. and

Do this? Not really – and I wasn’t allowed to do this in college classes – but it’s a quick step that saves a lot of time and stress. And I think there’s something to be said for going into a project with confidence! Especially something to draw flowers.

And finally for this collection we have the lily of the valley. This is probably my favorite photo of the entire challenge. I personally love wildflowers, but something about them makes them hard to catch.

Flower Drawing – Maybe it’s their perfectly designed flowers, or a little happy jingle that is natural to them, but difficult to capture in a minute. Either way, I’ll have to try to record them before joining.

Did you participate in Inktober? I’d love to hear what you think and if you like drawing/painting! It’s not unusual to find me with a pen to paper with a flower blooming at the end! Floral painting is one of my favorite pastimes and a popular way to warm up before creating a product for a client.

I find bright florals to be very inviting and beautiful – so different from my everyday life! haha maybe that’s why I like drawing flowers so much.

Wild Rose Flower Drawing Stock Illustration

Flower Drawing – Regardless of my desire to photograph flowers forever, I thought it was about time I shared the photos I created during my creative process. I hope you enjoy!

The floral designs above are similar designs (the original shown on the left), but modified in different ways. I was so drawn to the twisty movement of the original image that I had to play around with it to make this type of wreath. I love how the petals and leaves seem to dance.

Do we need a wallpaper with this illustration? I’m starting to think so, More flowers! I’ve been eating a lot this spring and I’m not sorry! In fact, I don’t see it ending anytime soon 😉

Flower Drawing – If you took my flower photography challenge, you’re probably familiar with these photos, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate them too.

On the left, I like how the lighter leaves add some depth and dimension. Definitely one of my favorite recipes! And those imperfect petals are my favorite!

Lily Flower Drawing Photo

Flower Drawing – On the right, I like to scroll – again, you can see what’s going on here! I love how the flowers naturally create graceful shapes with lines that have their own shape! Yes, I’m exaggerating this move with my tricks, but why? Pretty cute, isn’t it?

I can’t believe you all covered me! I put my shading days behind me a long time ago (or so I thought), but it felt good to be back and trying old things and new techniques! This image is the subject of today’s installment of my Shading Techniques Drawing Course. And I want to jump even further and do more!

The photo on the right is a little older than the rest, but I just realized I haven’t shared this photo since last fall.

If you have the Blushed Botanical Calendar, you may recognize this as the cover image! Especially if you compare the two illustrations side by side, it’s encouraging to see that I’m growing and improving my skills and abilities 🙂

Flower Drawing

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