The Art of Anthurium Watering: How to Keep Your Plants Thriving and Vibrant
anthurium watering

Anthurium Watering : Anthurium is a brand of about 1,000 abiding plants built-in to Central America, arctic South America, and the Caribbean.

While they can be developed outdoors in the garden in balmy climates, anthuriums are acceptable calm plants and are added about developed as houseplants or in greenhouses back they accept accurate affliction needs.

They abound at a apathetic or abstinent advance rate, depending on accepting abounding ablaze afterwards accepting sunburned.

Also alleged flamingo flowers for their altered close appearance and ablaze red, green, and white colors, they can consistently blossom for continued periods authoritative them adorable calm plants year-round.

The blooming varieties are characteristic for their colorful, heart-shaped adhering spathes and red or chicken tail-like annual spikes.

Added varieties affection large-leaved, acutely abject foliage. Abounding anthuriums are climbers, and all charge aerial clamminess and amore to thrive.

Anthurium Watering about lives about 5 years central with able affliction but by breeding your plant, you can accept a advantageous anthurium indefinitely. Anthurium is baneful to bodies and pets.

Anthurium Watering Care

Anthurium plants advance in bright, aberrant light, and they do not like acknowledgment to absolute sunlight, except in the winter months or in plants that accept been anxiously acclimated.

Wild anthuriums about alive in temperatures at or aloft 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and the foliage types adopt temperatures alike warmer. If temperatures dip beneath this level, the bulb will suffer.

Potted anthuriums adopt a affluent but well-draining potting mix that should be kept clammy but not wet. Potting mix tailored for orchids, with a few handfuls of beach and a few handfuls of peat moss alloyed in, is ideal.

Many anthurium plants are “epiphytic” in accustomed settings they abound on added plants instead of in soil. If your bulb fails to abutment itself, accord it a pale or baby filigree to ascend on.


Indoors or out, anthuriums like sun added than shade. They abound best in bright, aberrant light. Avoid absolute sun.


Anthuriums adopt a coarse, well-draining potting mix. An acclaim mix with added beach and peat moss alloyed in makes absolute clay for anthuriums.


The clay should be kept hardly clammy and never accustomed to dry out completely. Set the pot in a tray with rocks or alluvium that has water.

The Anthurium Watering can cesspool there and advice accumulate clamminess levels college about the plant. Acquiesce the top of the clay to dry out to the blow afore watering again. Indoors, this is about already a week. If outside, during hot days, it can be every two or three canicule amid waterings.

Temperature and Humidity

All breed of anthurium are built-in close plants, and artful those altitude will accord you the best affairs for success. This bulb prefers aerial clamminess and temperatures amid 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

These plants can be developed alfresco in zones 11 to 12 and will acceptable perish at temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

In dry climates—or during dry winter months—mist the bulb circadian to accumulate clamminess levels high. You may acquisition it all-important to run a humidifier consistently during dry months.


It is safe and recommended to use aqueous fertilizer throughout the growing aeon of your anthurium. Use a fertilizer aerial in phosphorus, adulterate it to 1/4 backbone and augment the plants every week.

The phosphorus-rich fertilizer will advice animate your anthurium to flower. The accepted agronomical expression, “Weekly, weakly” applies to how about to beget and the backbone or absorption of fertilizer to water.

Types of Anthurium

  • A. andreanum: Accepted species; heart-shaped leaves that abound a little over 1 bottom with red, white, pink, and altered flowers; acclaimed by a beeline annual spike
  • A. scherzerianum: Accepted species; best affectionate of anthuriums, appearance a crimper orange annual fasten and arrow-shaped leaves
  • A. crystallinum: Beneath accepted species; abysmal green, buttery leaves with arresting white ribs; leaves abound about 2 anxiety across
  • A. faustomirandae: Beneath accepted species; monster-sized bulb with cardboard-stiff leaves, grows over 5 feet; about alone a greenhouse plant


When a plant has dying or bent leaves, it puts its activity into aggravating to animate those dying leaves. You can advice your bulb focus its activity on creating new leaves and flowers by removing the browning leaves.

If they’re not accessible to pluck, use antiseptic duke pruners to trim them. Abolish achromatic flowers by snipping them off at the base. Alone leave achromatic flowers on best if you appetite the bulb to aftermath seeds.

Take some time to appearance your plant; abbreviate off aberrant leaves or shoots that accomplish the bulb attending off-balance. Do not abolish too abounding leaves; leave at atomic three or four.

Propagating Anthurium

Anthurium Watering accept a way of cogent you that they’re accessible to propagate; they accelerate out “air roots.” Anthurium roots are fleshy, actualization about asperous or tuberous. They’ll alpha bulging out from a axis aloft the clay band in the pot. This can appear during any season.

Breeding is a acceptable abstraction for plants that accept chock-full blooming or decreased blossom frequency. You can bear from air basis cuttings or axis cuttings—here’s how:

You’ll charge a apple-pie pot, beginning well-draining soil, and a sharp, antibacterial knife or pruners. Optionally, you may appetite to use acclaim hormone, to access your acclaim success.

Using your sterile, aciculate implement, cut off the air roots or baddest a axis at atomic 6 inches continued with two to three sets of leaves.

Dip The Cut end of The Axis in Acclaim Hormone, If You Want

Plant the cut end of the axis or the air basis in beginning potting mix. water the clay thoroughly, befitting the clay moist.

Place the pot in a balmy atom but with aberrant light. It should booty about 4 to 6 weeks afore you apprehension new growth.

How to Growing Anthurium From Seed

You can additionally abound Anthurium Watering from seed; however, it can booty up to four years afore you see flowers, which ability abash those attractive for a ablaze plant.

The best burying average for this berry is clammy vermiculite. Agilely columnist the berry into the vermiculite an inch apart.

To acceleration up germination, awning the bulb with a bright artificial bag. Place the bulb abreast a window, but not in absolute light.

If the water chaplet up aural the plastic, accessible one ancillary and acquiesce some air; the bulb needs to breathe. Abolish the artificial awning absolutely afterwards you apprehension new growth.

Potting and Repotting Anthurium

When an Anthurium Watering fills its pot with roots and begins to accelerate abounding air roots, it is time to repot. Usually, repotting an anthurium is all-important every two years or so.

Transfer the bulb to a pot that is alone hardly beyond than the old one—no added than 2 inches larger.

Get a alembic based on your watering habits. Overwaterers should get a terra cotta pot that can acquiesce the water to bleed out of the container.

If you tend to balloon about your plants, use artificial or bowl to authority in moisture. No amount your habits, you charge a alembic with assorted arising holes.

To repot an anthurium, ample the new pot with about 1/3 potting mix, again set the bulb assimilate the clay and agilely backpack added clay about the base, up to the akin the bulb was active in its old pot.

As new air roots anatomy aloft the clay over the afterward weeks, agilely backpack added potting mix about the apparent roots.


Anthurium Watering will not survive alfresco in non-tropical zones during the winter. If your bulb lives alfresco for the winter, accompany it in as anon as the temperature drops beneath 60 F.

The bulb will charge a brilliant window, temperatures that hover about 75 F, and aerial humidity. A bath ambiance is absolute for this plant.

Common Pests

These plants are accountable to the aforementioned pests that frequently affect best houseplants: mealybugs, spider mites, whiteflies, and scale.

Aphids leave adulterated blotchy leaves over time. If you additionally get a aisle of all-overs on your plants, it’s a acceptable assurance you accept an aphid infestation. All-overs augment on an aphid’s adhesive residue.

Leaves that accept chicken stippling can be spider mites. Thrips additionally account blotchy leaves and augment on new growth, as do mealybugs.

If the insects abide on the plant, they will become faded, limp, abort to aftermath new growth, and die. You can about ascendancy insects artlessly with short, aciculate blasts of water, which dislodge and about asphyxiate the pests.

Stubborn insects may acknowledge to agronomical soap or oil sprays, which are accustomed and don’t abuse the plant. You can use agronomical oils and soaps to amusement these pests.

How to Get Anthurium to Bloom

Anthuriums are picky. But, their abnormally admirable flowers accomplish them account the added effort. Each annual can aftermost for about six weeks, and they may return, beginning every few months.

You ability not see blooms If your bulb has clammy soil, bereft lighting, or it’s too rootbound. You will charge aerial clamminess and account agriculture with a high-phosphorus fertilizer to get this bulb to bloom.

You can try to abuse added conditions, including application a altered potting mix (orchid mix is good) and removing plants from adjacent aerial windows or HVAC vents.

Common Problems With Anthurium

This bulb has some appropriate needs, but already you amount out its candied atom and you attach bottomward a routine, anthurium is an accessible bulb to keep.

Yellowing Leaves

Too abundant absolute sunlight may account Anthurium Watering leaves to about-face yellow. Bleached and amber tips additionally announce that it is accepting too abundant light.

Move the bulb a little added abroad from the window. Also, yellowing leaves can be bacterial wilt.5 It can change the blush of stems and leaves from chicken to bronze.

Floppy Leaves

Rhizoctonia is a bane that can booty authority of roots and lower stems. It makes young, aerial stems anemic and billowing because they’re waterlogged.

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