What Is Special About Lily Flower ?

What Is Special About Lily Flower – What do you know about lilies? You may have seen it in a flower pot, in the front yard, or in a garden. If it’s summer, you may have noticed the six-petalled, colorful flowers that this flower is known for.

The beautiful flowering of the lily makes it one of the most popular flowering plants in the horticultural trade. But, this flower display is more than it seems.

It has important symbols in many cultures, in part because of its beauty and brilliance. If you have ever wondered what the special meaning of the lily is, this article is for you.

What Is Special About Lily Flower

What Is Special About Lily Flower

What makes a lily a lily? At the beginning, we need to know some basic technical information about lilies. There are almost 100 types of “true” lilies. These flowers are placed in the type

Indoor Peace Lily Plants: Growing A Peace Lily Plant

In the Liliaceae family, lilies have six petals and come in almost every color of the rainbow. There are many other plants called “lilies”, such as lily of the valley (gen).

In this article, we will stick to the real lilies and ignore the scammers. Here are some reasons why lilies are special!

Lilies are one of the most popular flowers in the garden trade. Although there are almost 100 species of lilies, there are many others.

People have cultivated this plant for centuries, creating many hybrids and varieties along the way. One of its most popular varieties is the Easter lily.

The roots of this species reach the Ryukyu Islands of Japan. It was introduced to Europe and the United States in the 1800s and its popularity increased.

Since World War II, the center of production of this special lily has shifted to a small extent in Oregon and California. All over the world, gardeners are still planting and growing other types of lilies.

Lily Special

Another thing that makes the lily flower special is its ability to survive after being cut. That’s why you often see them in floral decorations such as flowers, vases and wreaths.

It’s not just the beautiful bloom that makes a lily special. Besides enjoying the beautiful flower, people sometimes eat lilies.

The edible part of the lily is underground and looks like an onion. Traditionally, the onion is a round and strong plant that stores energy for the plant during dormancy.

A plant uses this energy to survive. Onions and garlic are edible onions, like lily of the valley! Although it is not as popular as that tear vegetable, the lily of the valley is a common food in East Asian countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

In general, lily of the valley is rich in vitamins and is considered a superfood by many Chinese people. Easter lilies are usually the favorite type at the dinner table (the white lily shown above).

Sometimes, even the unopened lily flower becomes food, although it is not as common as the starchy onion.

What Is Special About Lily Flower

Many cultures around the world hold the lily in high esteem. It appears in the history of the Mediterranean as well as in the religions of East Asia.

In ancient Greece, the lily was a symbol of Hera, the wife of Zeus. Apparently, this flower was made directly from the mother’s milk of the goddess.

It is not surprising that the lily was still a symbol of sexuality among the ancient Greeks.

Passionate Oriental Pink Lilies

The lily also has a special effect in the Bible. Christians consider the lily a symbol of purity and chastity. For this reason, people associate white lilies with the Virgin Mary.

These days, husbands and wives give lilies to each other as a traditional thirty-year gift. This is because lilies represent humility and sacrifice.

The lily flower has been important since the time of the Bible until today. Colorful flowers are a great addition to the garden and a perfect anniversary gift! Why is the lily special? Let us know in the comments section below!

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