What is The Full Meaning of Florist?

Florist – Floristry is the production, trade and commerce of flowers. It includes flower care and handling, floral design and arrangement, merchandising, production, display and delivery of flowers.

Wholesale florists sell loose flowers and related supplies to professionals in the field. Retail florists provide consumers with fresh flowers and related products and services. The first flower shop in the United States opened before 1851.

The florist deals with the cultivation, arrangement and sale of flowers. A large part of the raw materials supplied to the florist trade comes from the cut flower industry.

Alongside online shops, florists are the most important outlets for exclusive flowers. But also supermarkets, garden shops and petrol stations sell flowers.

Floral design or floral art is the art of creating floral arrangements in vases, bowls, baskets or other containers, or making bouquets and compositions using cut flowers, foliage and herbs. Ornamental grasses and other plant material. The terms “floral design” and “floristry” are often used interchangeably.

Florists are people who work with flowers and plants, usually in retail. Floristry is distinct from floristry, which is the study of the distribution and relationships of plant species over large geographic areas.

Floristry is also different from horticulture, which in a broader sense is related to the cultivation of flowers and plants so that they remain fresh for as long as possible and are desirable for purchase, which also means knowing the needs and expectations of customers.

Also important is the ability to create a variety of floral designs such as wreaths, bouquets, corsages, boutonnières/’buttonholes’, permanent arrangements and other more intricate arrangements.



The chances of employment as a florist are average for those looking to enter the role, but good for those with experience or qualifications.

Factors For Choosing An Affordable Florist

“I got a job at Scent Floral Boutique while studying for an 18-week Certificate in Floristry Level 3 through the NZMA, which led to the position being offered. I now work there full-time.”

“Today we start with store positions for customers who have not pre-ordered, we handle the fresh flowers that come from the market and we arrange various deliveries in the city. Flowers, store cleanliness and serving customers.

“Sometimes I walk or drive to deliver flower orders. We also have corporate clients who receive weekly orders for vases, and many orders come from the website and over the phone.”

“Even though it’s technically a customer service role, it’s a creative one. Applying my qualifications and choosing my field of work is also fun.

Beautiful Florist Choice Bouquet £45

“It’s also a very social project. So, since you’re in the public eye, you always have to know how to present your business.”

“I know you don’t need a qualification to become a florist, but in my case it helped me start my career.

“Take the time to learn about the floristry styles that interest you, whether formal or informal, from flower arrangements and styles.”


However, most employers prefer that you complete a qualification such as the New Zealand Certificate in Floristry (Level 2, 3 or 4).

What Are Florist Designed Bouquets

There are no special high school education requirements to become a florist. However, the study of business, painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking is useful.

The chances of employment as a florist are best for those who have at least three years of experience and qualifications as a florist.

Florists can also run their own business, work from home or start their own online delivery business. Florists sell bouquets to retail customers, make custom arrangements for wedding and funeral customers, and can also deliver flowers to local businesses. Check out our practical guide to starting and running a flower shop.

It’s a good idea to try to estimate the level of demand for your product during a typical year. When making this assessment, remember that buying flowers in the UK is seasonal and reliable, with peak days throughout the year, particularly Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

If you look at the wedding market, you will find that more people get married in the summer and, although there is a tendency for people to save money by getting married on a weekday, most weddings take place on the weekend (usually the weekend). ).

A Uniquely Victorian Flower Shop

Determining the demand level with sufficient accuracy is important to estimate the number of shares to buy. If you buy too much, you will suffer from high levels of wastage, and if you buy too little, it will lead to frustrated customers and lost sales opportunities.

In order to achieve a reasonable level of sales, your local area must contain enough potential customers and not too many competitors.

You will face competition from other specialist florists in your area, but don’t forget that there are other retailers who sell floral products such as:


So it is very important to find out if there is room for other flower shops in your area. Count the total number of stores that sell the product you want to sell and write down what they sell. This way you can determine if the local market is saturated. You may find that while many sell basic, off-the-shelf bouquets, fewer have the skills and work space needed to create more complex and specialized arrangements.

Florist Choice Bouquet

The size and nature of your store’s catchment area will depend on the location you choose. For example, if your planned location is on a city street or in a suburban shopping area, you may have a lot of traffic.

This means that as well as customers who make special trips to your store, you may also have impulse buyers.

On the other hand, if you want to open in a more rural area, then most of your customers will be the ones who choose to go to your store. In this situation, ideally you will find a place where it is easy to park nearby.

One of the main factors that will help ensure that customers return to your store is the quality of your stock. If the flowers in your shop look healthy and bright and also have a good vase after sale, then you will build a regular customer base. Your relationship with your supplier can be important in ensuring a good supply.

To increase your sales value, you can place items such as confectionery and greeting cards near the point of sale to encourage customers to purchase additional products.

It may be a good idea to display literature on plant care products to encourage customers to purchase additional products.

You may decide to determine the average “spending” in the spending patterns of you and your friends and relations. You can also look closely at other florists to see how much your customers are buying and what prices they are paying.

I Want To Be A Florist. What Will My Salary Be?

If you plan to sell to trade customers, reach out to a few as part of your market research and evaluate:

You can offer discounted prices to trade customers, such as 10% or 20% off the regular retail price, as well as credit terms, such as 30 days.

Whoever your customers are, it’s important that they know about you. An attractive window display will encourage customers to enter the store. You can change your view regularly to reflect the promotions available at that time.

You can also decide to create a look by choosing the main theme of the day described above. You can also use an outdoor board on the pavement to give details of prices and special offers.


A relay scheme allows people in one part of the country to ‘send’ flowers to people in another part of the country using a network of florists who belong to the relay scheme. There are several such schemes, the most famous of which are Interflora and eFlorist.

The Freo Florist

With the rise in popularity of online shopping over the last decade, many online florists and non-specialist retailers now send bouquets by post or courier.

In recent years, consumer demand for ethical products has increased, helping producers and farmers in developing countries. You can meet this requirement by supplying a range of fair trade flowers.

This will show potential customers that your business is ethically aware and committed to fighting global poverty.

Offering fair trade products can also be a great way to differentiate your business from your competitors. (Although there are other sources of ethically grown flowers, Fairtrade is still the best known.)

Fairtrade ensures a fair deal for vulnerable producers and farmers, ensuring they receive a fair price for their work and goods.

Fair trade goods are generally slightly more expensive than similar products – but more people are willing to pay extra to help producers become self-sufficient.

All Fairtrade products are marked with the easily identifiable Fairtrade Mark and a wide range of flowers are available including roses, lisianthus, carnations, mini sunflowers and more.

The Fair Trade system works by paying producers a minimum price for their goods that gives them a living wage. In addition, producers earn extra money to invest in their business or community. This is called the “social premium”.

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